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Blocked and Reported
Patrons Only: Dread Letter Day

Patrons Only: Dread Letter Day

Katie and Jesse signed a letter that was published in Harper's! It's pretty basic but given Twitter's reaction you would have thought it was an excerpt from Mein Kampf. In today's episode, the hosts discuss why they signed the letter and run through some of the most unhinged and disingenuous reactions to it, discovering, in the process, that one of the letter's loudest critics tried to get them both fired. Katie also asks Jesse about the time he reported a fellow journalist to her boss, and the two hosts work through whether this is different from the behavior they themselves are complaining about. Also: Jesse's trajectory on the even more emotionally charged question of cargo shorts.

Show notes/Links:

Harper's: A Letter on Justice and Open Debate - 

Jesse's too numerous and Mad Online tweets about the response to the letter:

-on Matt Yglesias getting reported by a colleague for wrongthink: 

-on one of the letter critics publicly calling for him to get fired: 

-on someone literally editing the letter to make it offensive: 

Medium: Katelyn Burns Fabricated Several Exchanges With Me That Never Occurred (archived version) -

(current version, without screenshot-proof for reasons explained at the top, here:

Medium: A (Hopefully) Final Update On This Katelyn Burns Thing (Updated) -

Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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