Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
Episode 132: #DropKiwiFarms, Part 2: The Psychotic Online Odyssey Of jsingal69, The Journalist Who Talked To Keffals’ Alleged Belfast Stalker, Who Is A Foodist, Which, Yes, Is A Thing, Unfortunately

Episode 132: #DropKiwiFarms, Part 2: The Psychotic Online Odyssey Of jsingal69, The Journalist Who Talked To Keffals’ Alleged Belfast Stalker, Who Is A Foodist, Which, Yes, Is A Thing, Unfortunately

In part-2 of BARPod two-part series on #DropKiwiFarms, the plot thickens and the trolling and the fake identities accumulate faster than Jesse, a very tired millennial, can keep track

None of this will make any sense if you haven’t heard Part 1 yet:

Blocked and Reported
Episode 131: Who Is Stalking The Twitch Streamer Keffals, And Are They From Kiwi Farms? (Part I)
Listen now (90 min) | Today, Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal present the first ever BARPod two-parter in known human history. This duology will chronicle, in exhaustive detail, a calamitous struggle between Kiwi Farms, a go…
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(CORRECTIONS: In the original version of this episode, Jesse said Keffals recently moved on from Ireland to Iceland. He has genuinely no idea why he thought this was the case and both mentions of this have been deleted from the live version of the episode. Jesse also misstated the amount of money Joshua Moon claimed David “Near” Ginder offered him to take down his Kiwi Farms page. It was $120,000, not $10,000. This too has been corrected in the live version. For transparency’s sake, the old, incorrect version of this episode’s audio file, labeled as such, can be heard here.)


“Jesse’s answer on Cloudflare was bad.”

“Keffals on why she will not apologize for the false Destiny stealthing accusations”

Statement from London’s Police Chief on what happened 

Clara-fication on how guns were used during the raid

🗄️ Keffals’ original GoFundMe

UrbanDictionary defines “troon”

Information on Chloe Sagal, one of the suicide victims

Joshua Moon claims there isn’t real evidence David “Near” Ginder died, and that Ginder attempted to exploit him (might have to try a domain other than “.st” as Kiwi Farms jumps around trying to stay on the clearnet)

Moon links to this archive containing a great deal more information and controversy

Margaret Pless isn’t buying the conspiracy theory, pointing out that KF has incentive to muddy the waters here 

Her article on Kiwi Farms and its history

Jesse Singal EXPOSED

Plagiarism Today explains the info required to file a DMCA request 

A minidoc on Foodistzen

When Jesse was hanging out on one of Teddy’s servers, someone posted this bit of Foodist brilliance


Teddy’s email to Keffals

Keffals’ UberEats is hacked

 BobPosting’s bathtub estrogen

The graphic threat made against Keffals

Fellow KF user responds negatively not because it’s a disgusting post, but because it will help Keffals

After @LexerLux succeeds in his scouting expedition, Jesse enters the belly of the beast, under the deepest of cover

The Dumb and Dumber ThanksKilling “ass, gas, or grass?” scene

 Urban Dictionary explains the term

Keffals says she knows who is responsible for stalking her in Belfast on a Sept. 11th stream

🔊 Keffals: “I know who this guy is” 

Evidence Keffals was on to Teddy’s online hangouts by September 2nd

Jesse corresponds, on Discord, with someone who said he called the cops on Teddy and is himself a loyalist…

…some background on the flag thing (consider this unconfirmed scuttlebutt)

…and solid proof that he in fact reported Teddy:


A screenshot “from Keffals” threatening Teddy that coincidentally was sent literally the minute before he sent it to Jesse oh wow what a coincidence case closed

Another laughably dumb fake screenshot

Image: The Queens waves to the crowds who had gathered to mark her official birthday, from the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London following the Trooping the Colour ceremony. The Queen is flanked by her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Princess Royal. (Photo by John Stillwell - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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