Oct 15, 2022 • 49M

Episode 135: A Monstrous French Family Definitely Sued Carrie Jade Williams Just For Being Disabled

This is a real thing that happened. Plus, an update on the Keffals case.

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Journalists Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal scour the internet for its craziest, silliest, most sociopathic content, part of an obsessive and ill-conceived attempt to extract kernels of meaning and humanity from a landscape of endless raging dumpster fires.
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Show notes:

Carrie Jade Williams has had a lot of tough breaks, but perhaps none tougher than the time a French family sued her for being disabled, demanding, as recompense for the discomfort of having slept under her roof, an utterly unreasonable number of weighted blankets. This is definitely a real lawsuit that actually happened, but if it wasn’t, wouldn’t that raise certain questions about Williams? And might those questions lead some interesting places? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


Keffals, Continued

NBC’s (highly biased) coverage of the Keffals affair


BAR’s (far superior) true and honest coverage of the case

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The shitpost heard around the world

If any of you are complete nerds with way too much time, the first three images were sent to Jesse, and they’re followed by the original 4chan post

Carrie Jade Williams

Indy100 article claims Williams was told to refund Airbnb guests who didn’t like her disabled doorbell


Williams claims former guests, now backed by an unnamed lobbying group, are suing her for a “life-changing amount” in emotional damages

Petition: “Help me show a Judge that disabled people aren't scary”


Williams: “it’s a ‘cancel culture’ situation”


Williams’ award-winning piece on her condition


2022: She describes utilizing Braille and creating her own assistive tech to regain functionality after losing her ability to read


2021: She demonstrates her legendary “hands-free Braille” technique

2011: Liquid Jade avoids prison after stealing a couple’s life savings through an absurdly long and detailed con


Samantha Jade Cookes

Carrie Jade Williams

Williams: “anyone suggesting we are the same individual will face the full force of the law”


Image: “Empty hospital patient room - stock photo” via Getty