Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
Episode 127: How James Lindsay and Karl Anderssen Gazed Into The Abyss

Episode 127: How James Lindsay and Karl Anderssen Gazed Into The Abyss

Plus: Blue America literally drone-strikes Cracker Barrel (metaphorically)

PhD scientist James Lindsay (“ConceptualJames”) wanted to expose fellow leftist academics for their culture warring with his famous hoax paper, which blamed penises for climate change. Embraced by the right, he waded into the front lines of the culture war and allowed it to consume him. Last week, the high-profile academic was pronounced dead at a Cracker Barrel in Tennessee after a dispute over meat substitutes turned deadly. (Rest In Power, brother.)

PhD researcher Karl Andersson wanted to get into the head of people who “like” little boys a little too much. He really, really wanted to get into their heads. So much that he – oh, thank God. They took it down. Noticing the right-wing backlash to his violation of social norms, the left instinctively jumps to his aid, opening another front in the culture wars…

He who does battle with monsters…

Fear and Loathing In Cracker Barrel

“Where pork-based and plant-based sausage lovers can breakfast all day in harmony.”

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Is the Cracker Barrel menu getting 'woke'?

Jimmy Concepts

The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct: A Sokal-Style Hoax on Gender Studies

Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship

Is a Portland Professor Being Railroaded by His University for Criticizing Social-Justice Research?

James Lindsay trying to start a fight with the Auschwitz Museum on Twitter, because that’s what normal people do

Lindsay blatantly declaring war on the gays without congressional authorization

Lindsay describing President Biden as having been “installed”

Lindsay saying someone called “Joe McCarthy” “didn’t go nearly far enough”. Apparently he’s from the Red Scare but I don’t remember him from any of their episodes so idk

Interview with Lindsay on his Twitter permaban

Lindsay attempts to tweetstorm IRL (WARNING: cringe)

Has Science Gone Too Far? (Yes.)

(What remains of) the article

Tories are not happy

Seeing the right-wing backlash, leftists begin reflexively defending it

Science Fictions
Circling the wagons
[Trigger warning: child sexual abuse] A conservative politician attacks a peer-reviewed research paper by a Humanities PhD student. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Anti-free speech. Anti-academic freedom. A chilling atmosphere for researchers. But before you get out the loudhailer and head to protest outside Parliament, perhaps it would be good to get a litt…
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The Perils of 180ism

The Perils of 180ism
A few months after I first moved to the United States, “The Colbert Report” premiered on television. In his very first episode, in October 2005, Stephen Colbert defined “truthiness.” What matters, he argued in a hilarious imitation of a hard-charging right-wing television pundit, isn’t whether some statement about the world…
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The 2012 Vice article mentioned by Richie

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Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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