Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
Episode 149: The NYT Restarts Trans Kids Discourse And A Dimes Square Movie Gets Canceled For Transphobia And Matt Gaetz Is G**

Episode 149: The NYT Restarts Trans Kids Discourse And A Dimes Square Movie Gets Canceled For Transphobia And Matt Gaetz Is G**

And another white woman spontaneously turns into a native American and Katie wants to kiss Chris Rufo and Chuck Tingle gets brought up... and more on the pod's longest episode to date*

In this week’s record-shattering episode of Blocked & Reported:

  • The epidemic of white women transforming into Native Americans continues

  • Katie: “I love Chris Rufo. I want to hug and kiss him”

  • Recurring COVID whistleblower/serial fabulist tries to make Matt Gaetz into Matt G**tz

  • Chuck Tingle, inexplicably, comes up somehow???

  • NYT (re)starts the discourse on trans children in school

  • Drama at The Music Box when an indie film gets canceled

  • The rat king of circlejerks takes place in Dimes Square

Return of the Grifter

Rebekah Jones exposes Matt Gaetz

The NYT’s “When Students Change Gender Identity, and Parents Don’t Know”

The Road to Terfdom

A representative tweet from close personal friend of the podcast Jeet Heer

Jesse claps back

On Teachers Letting Kids Transition Gender While Keeping It A Secret From Their Parents
The New York Times just published a big story by Katie J.M. Baker about the question of whether and under what circumstances it might be appropriate for schools to hide from parents the fact that their kid is seeking to change their name and/or pronouns and/or other stuff because they believe they are trans…
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NYT On Trans Youth

NYT Opinion: “Trans Kids Deserve Private Lives, Too”

An Instagram post from Chase Strangio

Betsey Brown

What is Dimes Square?

Peter Thiel’s “anti-woke” film festival

“This movie is transphobic and reeks of violence. I pulled my film from fests that were playing it.”

A privated twitter account says something about the movie, IDK

Crumplar’s scathing review of the film

Crumps Meets Betsey Brown and the Ion Pack
Last month, Buzzfeed published Joe Bernstein’s article on last year’s NPCC film festival, the one notoriously funded in part by Peter Thiel, right around the time I started writing these “downtown scene” critique Substack posts. These things evidently got the attention of the Ion P…
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Eyes on the Right
The Red-Pill Pusher
This public post is cross-posted at Persuasion. Since it is roughly double the length of a normal post from me, I will return in a few days with just one additional item for this week. Eyes on the Right is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and suppo…
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My Own Dimes Square Fascist Humiliation Ritual
This past Friday I attended the filming of Peter Vack’s new movie,, and I found myself in a literal theater of cruelty self-destruction psychosis. What I thought was going to be a “filmed party” where I would be interviewed for 60 seconds and then float around observing people turned out to be an hours-long public humiliation ritual…
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Air Mail’s Downtown Set

*I never bothered to check if this true but it sounds convincing, and that’s what matters.

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Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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