Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
Episode 153: Times Wars, Episode IX: The Normies Strike Back

Episode 153: Times Wars, Episode IX: The Normies Strike Back

Alone and without Katie Herzog's aid, Jesse Singal finds himself trapped within one of Klaus Schwab's chthonic 15-minute cities
Pictured: a 15-minute city in New England or something. Image courtesy of Getty.

During the spring of 2023, I was celebrating a Blocked & Reported meetup in California and found myself within the queer seaport of El Segundo. Deep in thought on the reaction to the Times letter and how, for once, the journalists appeared to be triumphing over the activists, my thoughts were interrupted by a strange voice.

“Hello”, one of the locals said. It appeared bizarre, as if he went outside and bathed regularly. “How do you do?” asked another, and I turned to see they had me surrounded. Unnerved by these strange normies, I began to flee for my life, but fell flat on my face. “Estás bien?” one called out in a strange, eldritch tongue as I sprinted to my car, only to realize to my horror that my keys were gone.

I turned to see the normie advancing, my keys in hand. Within a window, I spotted a tome with the word “recetas” and realized the horrifying truth — this town was occupied by Great Reset cultists! No doubt they attempted to ambush me and inject me with their foul mRNA vaccines. I pushed over another normie as I fled on foot, sweat and blood dripping down my face. In an attempt to flee my pursuers, I made three left turns in a row, only to find myself face to face with the same townsfolk — how had they found me so quickly? Now surrounded by a crowd of normies staring at me, I jumped into the sea and began to swim away.

This is a warning to the rest of humanity: pay heed to the good Dr. Peterson’s warnings… or the same fate may befall us all.

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Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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