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Blocked and Reported
Episode 169: The Pinkest Peacock

Episode 169: The Pinkest Peacock

A queer cafe in Glasgow implodes.

A queer anarchist cafe accidentally catches on fire during a book burning.

This week on Blocked and Reported, Katie tells Jesse about the rise and fall of the Pink Peacock, Glasgow’s attempt at an anarchist cafe. Plus, a new game: What’s Dumbest, featuring a Columbia adjunct, Grindr, Conor McGregor, and human Ukraine flag slash novelist Liz Gilbert.

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Weird Grindr Ad

The Independent: “Conor McGregor offers update on Miami Heat mascot after punching incident”

Liz Gilbert Self-Cancels

Brendon Marrotta’s response to Episode 168

Brendon’s audio clips:

PressureMovement.mp3 - In this clip, Eliyahu describes asking intactivists to disavow Clopper and myself. When he does get his way, he turns to journalists to "have pressure come from the outside." (last line of clip) This shows a behavior of publishing hit pieces on the movement to get them to do what he want.

NeverSaid.mp3 - In this clip, Eliyahu concludes from a single "offhand comment" that I do not recall ever saying, that I am a "white nationalist." He also acknowledges that I have never said anything white nationalist outside his false claim. This also confirms the pattern I discuss in my response audio that Eliyahu deliberately makes his claims unfalsifiable.

TopEschelon.mp3 - In this clip, Eliyahu confirms that he had secret meetings with the "top echelon" of the intactivist movement in which he slandered me and wanted them to attack me and my film on his behalf.

TolerantofRacism.mp3 - In this clip, Eliyahu claims that the American intactivist movement is "tolerant of racism" because they would not disavow and publicly attack me based on a single false claim by him. He then suggests that he met with European activists who were more receptive. I have had at least one European activist confirm that they did not support my film due to his campaign.

TheirOnlineForums.mp3 - In this clip, Eliyahu claims I "was a member of the alt right," had an account on "their online forums," and suggests that liking online meme culture is evidence of white nationalism. I'd love to know exactly which online forums he is making a factual claim I have an account on.

The Pink Peacock

J Weekly: Glasgow’s queer Yiddish anarchist cafe aims to spark a Jewish revolution in Scotland

pink peacock on Instagram: ”[en] instead of paying a terf for a bad video game with a literal actual n@zi on the writing staff, pay for your unhoused and impoverished comrades to eat meals indoors and enjoy other basic human dignities! 🔥 (it’s what your inner child REALLY wants) video description: 1st edition of “harry potter and the order of the phoenix”. cut to michael wearing a wizard hat, casting a spell on the book (lighting it on fire). michael finally transmedicalizes, putting T on his arms. the table catches fire.
#jewish #trans #lagbomer #harrypotter
May 9, 2023

The National: Pink Peacock staff burn Harry Potter book in Glasgow street

Chips and Donner

Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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