Jun 24 • 1HR 14M

Episode 170: Mueller, She Lied

Plus, imploding subs, racist mascots, and we meet the 100%.

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Journalists Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal scour the internet for its craziest, silliest, most sociopathic content, part of an obsessive and ill-conceived attempt to extract kernels of meaning and humanity from a landscape of endless raging dumpster fires.
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Angela Lansbury hosting a podcast

This week on Blocked and Reported, Jesse and Katie discuss #Resistence hero Mueller, She Wrote, the whistleblowing podcaster who killed Saddam Hussein while a sophomore in high school. Also, a submarine implodes and people Twitter ghouls rejoice; Chris Rufo personally designed a racist mascot; and we go down a very deep and dark rabbithole and discover the world of covid fanatics.

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Mueller, She Wrote

Politico: “How a veteran’s secret podcast put her in the Trump administration’s crosshairs

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Forbes: “A Disabled Veteran Had Over $72,000 In Student Loans—Under The Biden Administration, Her Debt Was Forgiven”

Note: In an earlier verision of this podcast, I said Allison Gill did not go to the White House. As an astute listener pointed out, she did, in fact, go to the White House. Apologies for the error. The episode has been corrected. —KH