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Blocked and Reported
Episode 187: Oh Good, The Explosion Understanders Have Logged On

Episode 187: Oh Good, The Explosion Understanders Have Logged On

Plus, conservative hero Tim Ballard gets exposed.

NBC Disinformation Expert Chet Chaposin

This week on Blocked and Reported, Jesse and Katie discuss how our most trust-worthy disinformation experts correct the record except when they don’t. Plus, conservative hero Tim Ballard faces the wrath of the nicest people on Earth.

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(CORRECTION: In the original version of this episode that Primos heard before it went up for everyone else on Monday morning, I misunderstood some of the evidence suggesting Israel wasn’t responsible for the attack on the Gazan hospital. I’ve now re-recorded that bit with the below corrections, and if you scroll down to the tweet from Marc Garlasco, you’ll see my mistake: He was talking about the width of the crater, not its depth. Many thanks to the listener who wrote in to point this out, and I apologize for the error. -Jesse

Corrected version, with old, false material struck through and new, correct material in bold:

~9:56: "And you can see an impact crater which is only about one meter 30 centimeters deep wide or so. And he basically said, and again, this is a guy who is highly qualified on these issues, that this could not have been caused by Israeli weaponry, because that weaponry tends to leave nine-meter-deep  wide craters, and there's a big difference between one meter 30 centimeters and nine meters.")

NYT: “The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh: Tracing a Bullet to an Israeli Convoy”

Robby Soave: “Disinformation Reporter Ben Collins Failed To Correct the Gaza Hospital Story

Better NBC News coverage of same

Glenn Kessler: “Human trafficking statistics: Politicians love them though they remain imprecise

Meg Conley: “Called by God: In 2014, I went on a vigilante raid to “save” kids sold for sex. What we did haunts me now.


Blaze News: “What really happened with Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad?

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Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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