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Episode 200: Canadaland Founder Jesse Brown Should Be Held Accountable For His Troubling Anti-Anti-Semitism Stance

Episode 200: Canadaland Founder Jesse Brown Should Be Held Accountable For His Troubling Anti-Anti-Semitism Stance

If you’re opposed to firebombing synagogues examine 👏 your 👏 whiteness 👏

Canadians protest anti-Semitism (artist rendering)

This week on Blocked and Reported, Jesse and Katie discuss the attempted cancelation of Canadaland publisher and host Jesse Brown over allegations that he’s a genocidal monster. Plus, news from the very online state of Oklahoma, Dear Prudence revisits the past, and a podcast announcement. (Update, 1/28/2024: At around 59:56 in the original version of this episode published for premium subscribers, in a brief digression that touched upon violent hate crimes linked to the Israel-Hamas conflict in the United States rather than Canada, we mentioned the Palestinians shot in Vermont. As it turns out, at the moment there’s little evidence to support the idea that this was a hate crime; the alleged perpetrator seemed to struggle with mental illness, had a violent past, and his politics were all over the place, including, based on his social media posts, sympathy for the Palestinian cause. Since the segment in question was about Canada rather than the U.S. anyway, we’ve simply snipped the whole brief mention out, and the free version of the episode won’t contain it. -Jesse)

The Oklahoman: “Oklahoma bill would require 'furries' be picked up from school by parents, animal control”

Rep. Justin Humphrey on the furry problem

Prudie on Prudie

Toronto Star: “Journalist Jesse Brown is quick to expose the failures of Canadian media. But what about his own?”

Jesse Brown: “The time I “faked” a CBC scene”

Mark Bourrie: “Jesse Brown and Canadaland should be removed from the NewsMedia Council”

Canadaland: “Duffy, as Senator, Paid Journalists”

Mark Bourrie responds

Jesse Brown’s Twitter

Canadaland: “Jessica Yaniv, Transphobic Fever Dream.”

Canadaland: “Is Jesse a Zionist?”

Canadaland: “Burning Down the Jewish Deli is not Kosher”

Canadaland statement

Canadaland Union statement

I'm Writing Another Book
I’m excited to announce that I’ve signed a contract with Thesis, a new imprint of Penguin Random House, to write a book about the United States’ youth gender medicine debate. My book will be anchored by interviews with those who have a direct stake in the ongoing dispute over these treatments…
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NOTE: After this episode went out for Primos, Jesse Brown requested we clarify that the pilot in which he fabricated a scene for the CBC was never published (it was killed after he told the executive producer about the re-creation, as he explained in an interview). He also requested that we update the episode with additional context about Mark Bourrie, who Jesse claims has a personal vendetta against him because Canadaland published allegations that Bourrie took money from embattled politician MIke Duffy. (You can read Canadaland’s piece here and Bourrie’s response here.) The episode has been updated and I apologize to Jesse and the listeners for missing that context. KH

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