Nov 7, 2020 • 54M

Episode 37: Democracy Is For Stupid Jerks

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Jesse Singal
Journalists Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal scour the internet for its craziest, silliest, most sociopathic content, part of an obsessive and ill-conceived attempt to extract kernels of meaning and humanity from a landscape of endless raging dumpster fires.
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In a very special episode, Katie and Jesse discuss a long, stupid week in which democracy had its way with the American people, vigorously and repeatedly. What should we make of the fact that, while Joe Biden is on the brink of victory, the election was closer than many expected and the Democrats were denied their "blue wave"? Is it because of the patriarchy? White supremacy? Wokeness? Minorities who cling annoyingly to 'agency' and "interpreting the world through their own values, rather than the media's?" Also: Jesse dissects Donald Trump's incredibly lazy, half-assed meltdown, and the hosts debate whether "Voter fraud stole the election for Biden!" is the new "The Russians stole the election for Trump!"

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