Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
Episode 81: Judith Butler's Gender Bubbles

Episode 81: Judith Butler's Gender Bubbles

Show notes/Links:

Jesse's review of Trans: 

Wi spa incident: 

Max Read on Gawker: 


Random girl singing N-word: 

Bryan Goldberg buys Gawker: 

"The Relentless and Well-Deserved Mockery of Bryan Goldberg": 

New Gawker meltdown: 

We got bigots reviewing bigots out here!:

What's Jesse Singal's Fucking Deals?: 

Carey Callahan on informed consent: 

The terrible Atlantic article: 

Jesse's review was 'violent':


HRC's fearmongering: 

Polling on self-ID: 

Judith Butler interviewed in The Guardian: 

Original, pre-cuts version: 

Judith Butler wins the Bad Writing Contest: 

Martha Nussbaum demolishes Butler: 

Eoin Higgins: 

Jezebel explains what happened: 

Nathan Robinson says he lost his Guardian gig for being harsh on Israel: 

Widespread claims of censorship:*&src=typed_query 

...but no (thread): 

Critique of gender identity: 

WoLF folks on a panel at Heritage: 

Gender Now: 

Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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