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Blocked and Reported
Episode 85: We Have A Big Announcement And We're Celebrating With A Book Burning (With Kat Rosenfield)

Episode 85: We Have A Big Announcement And We're Celebrating With A Book Burning (With Kat Rosenfield)

Plus: A pro-Karen argument

In the intro, Jesse makes a strong pro-Karen case. Then Jesse tells Katie about an amazing story from the frozen, mystical land of Kahn-a-da involving a very righteous book-burning. Then, a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. In the final (and best) segment, author Kat Rosenfield joins to talk about her new book, No One Will Miss Her, her deranged enemies in YA Twitter, and, of course, the Bad Art Friend story. (This is the public version of this episode. For the version with comments enabled for our premium subscribers, go here.) (Image via Getty plus Jesse’s expert illo skills.)

Show notes/links:

No One Will Miss Her is great!:

Canada’s residential system:

Book burning first reported by Radio Canada on September 7 in some indecipherable code:

Luckily that same day The National Post wrote it up in English:

Ruh roh!:


Is ‘Two Spirit’ really a common thing?:

Kat’s big piece in Vulture about YA insanity:

Jesse on same subject:

YA authors and others wrote in to Jesse about how insane it is:

YA Twitter's Victims And Critics Speak Out, Part 1
(Update, 3/5/2019: Part 2, which focuses on the experiences of minority writers, is up.) The world of young-adult-fiction Twitter, or YA Twitter, is a very intense place, prone to constant callouts and opinion-policing, particularly on matters of identity and social justice. And things seem to have only gotten worse since Kat Rosenfield wrote the definit…
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Who Is the Bad Art Friend?:

Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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