Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
Episode 89: Defending The LGB (Let's Go Brandon) Community And Launching Our War Against Each And Every Individual Furry

Episode 89: Defending The LGB (Let's Go Brandon) Community And Launching Our War Against Each And Every Individual Furry

Also: Jesse tries pizza for the first time
Image of the first Lindsay Lohan NFT in collaboration with Canine Cartel

After America’s leading political analysts, Katie and Jesse, talk about the election results in Seattle (voters don’t like police abolition!) and Virginia (voters don’t like CRT, maybe, if they know what it is?), they turn their attention to two highly potent instances of online bullshit: the recent LIEberal media’s attack on the LGB (Let’s Go Brandon) community, and a story Jesse still can’t quite wrap his mind about involving NFTs (?) and Lindsay Lohan (!?) and furries (!?!?!?!?). God help us all. (Image source.)

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Show notes/Links:


What a pie there looks like (one of the actual pizzas Jesse ate with his uncle):

The Soup Nazi:

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy tweets:

The Dispatch on Loudoun County:

The Dispatch Podcast
What’s Happening In Loudoun County?
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Let’s Go Brandon origin:

SW Airlines pilot says it:

Person who heard it was AP reporter already writing on that subject:

Normal stuff:

Lindsay Lohan NFT announcement:

This sold for over $11 million:

Aaaaand we just stole it:

Actual furries unimpressed with Lohan’s thing:

Furry Porn Against NFTs: A Call to Forearms (basically 2021’s Martin Luther/church door):

Thank you, @tracewoodgrains!

Porny one Jesse describes in the episode: Scroll allllllllllllllll the way down.




Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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