Nov 15, 2021 • 1HR 4M

Episode 90: KEXP Promotes An Anti-Semitic Group (For Social Justice), Exploring The World Of Conservative Furries, And A New College We Weren't Invited To Teach At

If you wanna attend the University of Nonconformity, first you're gonna have to learn the rules

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Blocked and Reported
Journalists Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal scour the internet for its craziest, silliest, most sociopathic content, part of an obsessive and ill-conceived attempt to extract kernels of meaning and humanity from a landscape of endless raging dumpster fires.

After Katie asks Jesse if she did a cancel culture, she takes him on a disturbing and nonconsensual journey involving conservative and possibly Nazi-sympathetic furries. Then the hosts discuss the newly launched University of Austin and the reaction to it from very sane people online.

Show notes/Links:

Hey Microsoft: Do 👏 Better 👏:

Did Katie do a cancel culture?:

LRK’s Newsletter
KEXP knowingly promoting hate group
In the wake of the George Floyd riots Seattle radio station KEXP devoted a considerable amount of time and resources into centering racial justice, or what passes for racial justice. In their diversity pledge they state: “KEXP is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization; we believe we must embrace the practice of identifying racist behavior and…
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Deleted but was originally on this list:

Right-wing furries:

The suspect armband:

“The Furred Reich: The truth about Nazi furries and the alt-right”:

Furry Raiders rules:

A.W.O.O.(OOOOOOO!) cancellation:

Alt-right? Eh:

Pano Canelos announces plans to “build a university in Austin dedicated to the fearless pursuit of truth”:

Common Sense with Bari Weiss
We Can't Wait for Universities to Fix Themselves. So We're Starting a New One.
So much is broken in America. But higher education might be the most fractured institution of all. There is a gaping chasm between the promise and the reality of higher education. Yale’s motto is Lux et Veritas, light and truth. Harvard proclaims: Veritas…
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The website:

Kathleen Stock situation:

Will Bunch doesn’t like it:

Why grifting is now in fashion:

Guardian column is critical:

David French says Bari Weiss has gotten a bad rap on the Columbia stuff:

The Root with a very Root-y take:

Katie on higher ed:

The BLS’s (inexplicable) Fastest Growing Occupations chart:

A “proliferation of administrators” at Yale:

“Rittenhouse’s trial is yet to begin, but ever since he chose to travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and hunt down anti-racist protesters with an assault rifle, he has received significant far-right support, including from government forces and, it now appears, the judge presiding over his case.”:

Excellent Washington Post minidoc with background info on both Kyle Rittenhouse and Joseph Rosenbaum:

Jesse early on in this controversy:

Here Are My Contemporaneous Articles About The Kyle Rittenhouse Shootings, Now Unlocked
Since the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is underway, I’ve decided to unlock the two contemporaneous posts I did about the shootings — scroll down and you’ll see both of them, one after the other. I wrote about this case twice because it demonstrated, to a disturbing degree, one of my biggest fears about the current media environment: what feels like endlessly …
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Glenn Greenwald on media coverage of the Rittenhouse case:

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