Sep 3, 2020 • 1HR 9M

Patrons Only: Jesse Interviews Philosopher Justin Tosi On Moral Grandstanding, The Social-Justice Culture Wars In Philosophy, And More

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Jesse Singal
Journalists Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal scour the internet for its craziest, silliest, most sociopathic content, part of an obsessive and ill-conceived attempt to extract kernels of meaning and humanity from a landscape of endless raging dumpster fires.
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In today's patrons-only episode, Jesse interviews Justin Tosi, a philosopher at Texas Tech University and the author, with Brandon Warmke, of the new book Grandstanding: The Use and Abuse of Moral Talk. After discussing the book, Jesse and Justin move on to a broader conversation about the current, precarious moment for open inquiry in academia, as well as the turn toward activism in philosophy that has Justin worried about his field.

Show notes/Links:

Amazon: Grandstanding: The Use and Abuse of Moral Talk -

Twitter: A student gets a meeting with her dean after complaining about a syllabus that doesn't have the right racial breakdown -

YouTube: Gender Critical | Daniel Kaufman & Jesse Singal [Sophia] -

Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy:;rgn=main

Jesse referenced the wrong NBA player in the episode -- it was Stephen Curry, not Steve Nash. See: "It tacitly communicates that at no point in time is Paige like Hillary Clinton or Catherine McGregor or any other woman (for whom she would be used); and likewise, that at no point in time is Paige like Stephen Curry or John Oliver (for whom he would be used). In short, if we use he or she for anyone, we either risk misgendering Paige with he or she, or we go back to the inegalitarian option of using a third catchall."