I find it hilarious that you both think it is socially "liberal" to support the sex industry. It's the most racist, classist, colonialist, and misogynistic form of capitalism that exists.

What percentage of upper middle class white girls work in the Sex Industry, compared to poor Black and Indigenous girls?

Can you guess???

It's so nice of privileged people to step aside and give the most vulnerable members of society a chance to work in such a fabulous industry! What sweethearts.

Anyway, you both have a lot of learning and growing to do.

Evil could not exist without being enabled by innocence.

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You both stated you support "normal porn". Have either of you ever been coerced to act in porn? Have either of you ever had your rape filmed and distributed online?

I think most of the support for the Sex Industry comes from extremely sheltered and privileged people, who are very easy to manipulate.

I've never voted Republican in my life, but I wept with happiness when Ann Davison defeated Nicole Thomas-Kennedy for the Seattle City Attorney's race.

Sex buying is rape, kids. If you have to pay her, she does NOT want you to penetrate her.

The only way it's not rape is if you give her the money, then tell her she can keep it whether she let's you fuck her or not.

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That rapist who got 40 years for cartoon kiddie porn? They might have nailed him on that charge because a more serious crime was reported for which the cops didn't have enough physical evidence.

But when child sexual violence is an abstraction to you, of course you will be horrified that an abstract legal principle was violated (in your mind).

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I get the impression from listening to your podcast that child rape is just an abstract concept to you two. I understand that neither of you have kids and that you both come from fairly sheltered backgrounds.

I'm a survivor of father-daughter incest & the sex industry. My father used child rape porn as part of the grooming and normalization process. A child sex doll would have been extremely useful to him and to any other pedophile to engage a child in actual abuse.

Katie you are coming across as terribly naive here.

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Here's my concern about the pedophile support group: I am a veteran of the 12 Step recovery movement. Anyone who has attended 12 Step meetings knows that there are always people who attend those meetings to deal drugs. This pedophile group sounds like a great way to find customers for exploited kids. How much persuasion would it take to convince a vulnerable person that their desires are just fine and here's an eager kid to prove it?

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Can you cite evidence that anyone has been prosecuted just for expressing an attraction to children? Is this actually against the law? I am extremely skeptical because it is incredibly hard to prosecute sex offenders as it is, and they tend to receive extremely LOW sentences. So your claim has me wondering if you made this up or got it from a dubious source. I am a former clinician and I if mandatory reporting for anti-social feelings were required, everyone who goes to a therapist would be reported.

I think what you stated is actually a lie.

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