Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
Episode 131: Who Is Stalking The Twitch Streamer Keffals, And Are They From Kiwi Farms? (Part I)

Episode 131: Who Is Stalking The Twitch Streamer Keffals, And Are They From Kiwi Farms? (Part I)

Part 1 of a 2-part series on #DropKiwiFarms

Today, Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal present the first ever BARPod two-parter in known human history. This duology will chronicle, in exhaustive detail, a calamitous struggle between Kiwi Farms, a gossip board and/or harassment amplifier and/or literal digital version of Hitler’s mountain rereat and/or actual terrorist organization (depending on you ask), and Keffals, a Twitch streamer and trans activist. The story somehow also involves, in no particular order, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Cloudflare, the entire mainstream media, Northern Ireland, Destiny, The Ulster Volunteer Force, The Ulster KiwiFarms Force, “ChudLogic” (?), questionable grooming allegations, unquestionable helping-minors-get-hormones allegations, GoFundMe, mean chat logs, even meaner chat logs, doxxing, harassing, stalking, Ethan Ralph, stealthing, screaming, swatting, and Reply All’s Alex Goldman. (Plus some more stuff in Part 2.)

(CORRECTION VIA COMMENTER: “Small correction on the go fund me targets. The original goal was way lower (30k I think). Everytime the goal was reached, a new goal was set in 10k increments. This article shows the goal at 70k just after they passed 60k in donations. I'm sure the wayback machine will have the original page.”) (Wayback does confirm this:

(POSSIBLY OVER-CAUTIOUS CLARIFICATION FROM JESSE, 9/12/22: We’ll mention this in the next ep but I do want to be crystal clear that there were firearms present at Keffals’ arrest. The London, Ontario Police Chief’s statement noted, “In this case, firearms were displayed until it was determined a threat no longer existed. I acknowledge that for the average citizen, having heavily armed police officers attend your residence would be traumatic. I understand this was a traumatic and shocking experience for Ms. Sorrenti.” And here’s what Keffals told Vice: “They told me to put my hands up, and when I get to the door, there are three police officers,” Sorrenti said. “Two of them were standing up and one of them in the middle was crouched down behind a riot shield with an assault rifle perched on top of the shield.”)


Keffals claims to be woken up to an assault rifle in her face, leading to the campaign against KiwiFarms

Keffals claims Julie TerryBerry, David “Near” Ginder, and Chloe Sagal committed suicide as a result of harassment from KiwiFarms (a bit more about this in Part 2)

Keffals with all the food trolls ordered to her house

MTG on Newsmax, talking about her swatting

.MP3 backup 

Cloudflare’s essay on why they don’t pull support from unpopular websites 

Cloudflare pulls support from an unpopular website 

Cloudflare tries to justify pulling the plug on KF 

Keffals announces Kiwi Farms was taken down from the Internet Archive

What happens when you try to access any KiwiFarms page on the Internet Archive*/ 

A threat made against Keffals by a KF user

Kiwi Farms administrator Joshua “Null” Moon explains the situation

The timeline of the post, according to one Farmer

“This person is not an active member of our community”.

Another user threatens Keffals

KF users’ response to this threat [TOR REQUIRED]


A written threat to Keffals

The paper in question

See for yourself how much KF hates Ethan Ralph [TOR REQUIRED]


Or how much Ralph hates KF and Null 

Never have (podcast) heroes

Jesse tries to explain (1/2)


Jesse tries to explain (2/2)

(UPDATE: Jesse was subsequently blocked by Goldmund, then unblocked. The drama continues.)

Keffals taking credit for getting Destiny permabanned from Twitch (but also not?)


Thread archive 

Keffals does a little doxxing 

Hotwheels does a face-heel (heel-face?) turn, comes out against internet harassment: “@keffals

 is engaging in tactics much like those of Kiwi Farmers. She is "optics poison".” 

He also exposes Keffals for gloating about telling other people to kill themselves

Keffals hires a private investigator to gather doxx on a latino man, sends him racial slurs, and claims to have made six figures in 2022 prior to her GFM

A snapshot of the convo

Keffals herself directing targeted harassment

The thread

Thread archive 

Keffals’ incredible OPSEC

Keffals’ story regarding her swatting has changed

Statement from the London Chief of Police shows she has no legal challenges she’ll be needing money for, she wasn’t misgendered and deadnamed, she got her things back quickly, and never had a gun pointed at her

Keffals’ mentions of finances and trauma (cut from her longer video by Jesse)

Keffals gets her things back a day after saying it will take months, repeats claim about being “assault rifled in the face”

Keffals falsely accuses Lauren Southern of being on the Epstein flight logs

Keffals falsely accuses Destiny of rape (“stealthing”)

Keffals confronted over false pedophilia accusations

.MP3 backup

Keffals sponsors the DIY HRT directory, instructing minors on how to get hormone replacement therapy

DIY HRT: ( (

Keffals’ friend admits to getting minors on HRT

Keffals and friends talking about cute HRT packaging

~1:52:10 “We want to protect them from scrutiny” - SophieFromMars

“The packaging rocks” - Keffals (CORRECTION, 9/11/2022: that was “BadBunny”)

“Keep out of reach of parents,” “Don’t look at my giant Girldick,” etc. :( :

Image: Clara Sorrenti, also known as Keffals online, at her home in London, Ontario, Canada June 14, 2022. (Hao Nguyen for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
Journalists Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal scour the internet for its craziest, silliest, most sociopathic content, part of an obsessive and ill-conceived attempt to extract kernels of meaning and humanity from a landscape of endless raging dumpster fires.