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If you attended the party in San Francisco and relapsed into alcoholism due to Jesse literally pouring alcohol down your throat, you may be eligible for compensation. To find out more please reach out to close personal friend of the pod Chase Strangio at the ACLU.

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As long as B&R keep holding events that would require me to "get dressed" and "go somewhere" I feel victimized as a member of the pajamas community.

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I don't think we should underestimate the possibility that a certain % of the NYtimes letter signers have children who are trans (Cynthia Nixon, Gabrielle Union) or have friends/family with trans children - (probably anyone who lives in New York - so that's my Alison Roman theory).

If they are a parent of a trans kid (or a good friend to said parent) who is supportive of the kid and medicalization - I imagine they will do anything to support the narrative. Contemplating the idea that you have set your kid on a path that might ultimately be more harmful than good is too hard to imagine.

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Ok, now I finally have to ask: Who are ye, Lexer - man (?) of mystery?

The Jacob Urowsky Professor of Philosophy at Yale University?

Yet another furry?

Or even everyone's favourite lunatic, Ben Dreyfuss, cheating on TFC?

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This situation with open letter to the NYT has left me feeling depressed. Because I’m a big media junkie and Twitter addict, I started to see some of those writers as peers. This letter has been eye-opening in a way that leaves me feeling confused and alienated by my beliefs. For the life of me I cannot understand how these otherwise intelligent and inquisitive people can be so against journalism that investigates the effectiveness and repercussions of very invasive, life-long medical interventions for children.

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I am not at all surprised to learn that Ed Yong signed that NYT open letter. Despite his Pulitzer Prize and reputation as a great science writer, the Long COVID articles I’ve read from him strike me as written by a patient advocate rather than by a journalist grappling with complex issues in an objective manner.

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Of course I was following the “letter” story closely but I still learned more things from this episode. Couldn’t help agreeing that if this had happened in 2020-21, Emily Bazelon would have been forced out. I also see this as a product of Trump derangement: allowing wrongthink to be expressed is to be “complicit” in “genocide” or “fascism” or whatever. Journalists were exhorted to fight the power or risk being “complicit.” No wonder few journalists actually believe in journalism anymore--they’ve already decided they must be on the “right side of history.” Of course, in this instance, things will play out differently....

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The party sounded like the event of the year and I have serious FOMO. Please tell me you'll host one in Terf Island at some point? We have a Brixton too, in fact it has some very nice bars you could hire and because we're Brits you'd have no trouble reaching the bar minimum.

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Re: Gabrielle Union signing the transgender open letter.

Two years ago, her then 13-year old stepson began to publicly identify as her stepdaughter. While the son dresses as a female, I do not believe he's had any medicinal or surgical interventions.

Since Union and her husband (NBA star Dwyane Wade) are both celebrities, their very public support for their son has been a major topic, especially in black online spaces.

As you can imagine, with youth gender ideology being such a flashpoint among whites, the heat is turned up even more in the black community, as it tends to be more conservative on LGBT issues in general.

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As someone who was bullied mercilessly as a child, I absolutely support firing the bullies at the NYT. Unfortunately, the reporters who were bullied by their colleagues aren’t going to retaliate in that way, which means this childish, loathsome behavior will continue.

A regular person would be fired for posting negative things about their workplace. The activists at the NYT should suffer the same consequences for their actions.

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Listening now and Cracking up at Jesse having no idea that Sarasota is actually a gorgeous vacation/retirement/baseball spring training destination on the gulf coast of Florida.

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In the Hogwarts Legacy, casting 'Primo Subcribo!' gets you a free subscription to blocked and reported. Unfortunately it DOES immediately transform you into a transphobe.

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I’m so interested in this NYT meltdown & the rapid onset Rowling derangement that has grasped so many people. It’s like everyone is competing to be the biggest whackadoo online. Sometimes I find stories about intra-media disputes a bit dull, but not this one! I want more podcasts to cover this so I can keep absorbing the drama 🔥

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In non-gender news, one of the most infuriating bits of misinfo/conspiracies/libs being smug assholes I have seen recently is the Oxford protests over 15 minute cities.

The reason its so frustrating is that I really like the idea of 15 minute cities and the general concept is as benign as the smug libs say it is, but the details of the plan the Oxford City Council are way, way more coercive than the original concept (they include fines for driving between neighborhoods more than “allowed”) and 100% play into “great reset” conspiracism, which liberal critics often ignore in favor of mocking the rubes.

My general impression is that Oxford shat the bed and the rest of us who would like to reduce car dependence will need to find a new buzzword and face even more opposition because a local UK gov decided street calming measures and density bonuses weren’t immediate enough and decided to go right to fines.

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This may be pretty obvious, but it just became clear to me today:

TRA fanatics share all the DNA with the BLM-Woke-Racial Justice fools and tools:

BLM profits off of dead bodies.

TRA's just LOVE them dead Trans persons.

BOTH "movements" distort every element of why and how these dead bodies came to be dead.

And both distort in every way actual numbers.

Both movements are, literally killing and / or, at least severely harming those people they claim to support:

BLM: Constant distortion of the reality of Policing in America IS leading young Black Men to get into situations where confrontation with Police will be inevitable.

BLM has set back Civil Rights in America by at least 40 years.

The slow-down of policing (as a direct result of the BLM movement and rioting - yeah, sure, it was all Proud Boys, derp) and the insane de-fund the police movement means more Black youth wind up shooting each other on the streets.

TRA: Constant distortion of the reality of life for Trans people here, and everywhere.

The embrace of medicalization of youth is leading to miserable futures for the youth they claim to want to help.

Both organizations are doing great jobs of fracturing The Left., the Gay coalition (whatever is left of it) and, Republicans are eating it up. (I hate most Republicans on principle, but can't blame them for exploiting this.)

Both organizations seem to exist mainly to divert attention / focus from areas of life / society where a mass movement could actually do real good. Both suck the life out of rational and obvious solutions to the problems their claimed constituencies have to confront.

BLM, as an organization, has been revealed to be a SCAM (I'm still waiting for the mainstream publication to examine the credible charges that at least one of the "leaders" of BLM used a significant portion of the donations to buy 1 (or is it 2? 3?) mansions in LA. Oh, yeah, I must be forgetting the part where the leadership claims these mansion will be used as "retreats" for more victims. Or something. Someday...)

Which leads me to ask: What is the financial scam side of the TRA "movement"? I guess just (massively?) increased donations would be good enough to establish that this DNA element is also shared. What happens to all those donations, exactly? I'll bet some of the TRA leaders are hauling in some BIG pay checks. No? Really?

(Yeah, I'm mad and ranting, but show me where I'm wrong. I did attend 3 or 4 George Floyd marches in NYC in 2020. By the end, I was sickened by the constant exploitation of the names / images and stories of the 5 or 6 "celebrity" Black bodies they love dragging through the streets. NO SOLUTIONS of any type were ever discussed or published at any of these marches. Just the constant drone "Say their Name", Defund the Police, etc., etc. Most of those names were clearly NOT victims of WHITE SUPREMACY!™. They were people, some with sad lives, who wound up in bad situations and were, sadly, as responsible for their deaths as any police action. BLM has single-handedly created a new thing in popular culture: the Black Celebrity Death!™ (i.e., Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, the list goes on, and yes, even Saint George Floyd (and yes, obviously what was done to George Floyd was a crime. He didn't deserve what happened. I wish he were alive today. Obviously. But the only people I see celebrating that murder / manslaughter is BLM.)

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