I've got to say, though I appreciate the reporting on this episode, it's extremely jarring to hear James - who possesses a typical example of a violent and predatory male sexuality - referred to as "she" throughout. It genuinely feels dystopian.

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To say that a change in someone's political beliefs is due to being "driven crazy by gender stuff" is way too dismissive. Many people are understandably alarmed at how quickly the new faith-based gender orthodoxy has been embraced by all mainstream institutions, including the federal government, schools, and the medical establishment. What's really crazy-making is when journalists refer to a hateful, vindictive, scheming man as a woman, out of respect for his self-proclaimed identity.

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I think the "evangelical Zionists" claims are way overblown - that is a weird regional thing that isn't shared by most evangelicals. My parents met during an evangelical revival and my mom worked at an evangelical magazine and watched the 700 Club every day, and they had never heard of Christian Zionism until I asked them about it after seeing a Vice documentary on the subject.

I think most Christians support Israel because the Israelis let everyone visit the Holy Land, and they see themselves as closer to Jews than Muslims - at least Christians and a Jews share the Torah, whereas Muslims believe in a new and alien set of scriptures that they claim supercede both Christianity and Judaism.

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We Christians do not support Israel because of the end times. I keep hearing lefties saying that and it's really inaccurate.

Yes, some Christians believe that Jesus won't come back until the Jewish temple is rebuilt on the Temple Mount (I THINK that's what it is, I've been in evangelical Christianity my whole life and I'm only sort of sure that's what it is). But I don't know of any Christians who are actively trying to make Jesus come back sooner. In fact, the Bible says that no one knows the time; we're also busy living our lives, not trying to bring about the end times.

The reason Christians support Israel is that the Jews are God's chosen people, and the Bible also says something along the lines of "woe to those who turn their backs on God's chosen people." Then of course there's just normal conservative politics: Israel is an ally, the only democracy in the Middle East, they've been attacked and persecuted by their Islamic nation neighbors since 1948, and that whole Holocaust thing, etc.

I think what's happening is that lefties hear other lefties, like Briahna Joy Gray, say that Christians are Zionists because of the end times stuff, and they repeat it.

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As horrifying as it is, I find it somewhat amusing that the feminine archetype James seems to be choosing to emulate is the psychotic, stalkerish, single white female trope from 1990s erotic thrillers.

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Happy birthday! Also, just started listening to the ep, but I like how Meghan Murphy takes issue with being called a Trump supporter, and then proceeds to say she would vote for Trump over Biden. Bit of an eye roll moment.

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Nov 25, 2023·edited Nov 25, 2023

Let me first state to Jesse and Katie, I am not angry, I'm just disappointed. I understand why this happens, but I wanted to offer some respectful criticism for one minor thing on the show: for people who are so horny for nuance, you sure are quick to go with whatever the dumbest/most MSNBC thing to believe about Christians that is available: i.e. we support Jews because we are trying to hasten the return of Christ. Of course there are many who believe that, but you didn't offer the throat clearing for me that you do virtually every time a lefty org comes up, which you literally did later this same ep. "i'M sUrE tHiS iS jUsT a SmaLL sUbSeT oF ThIs GrOup"

My bona fides on this topic? I am the son of a pastor from Western Washington so my options were to either search out ACTUAL answers for the things I believe, or abandon it and become an atheist. I am happy to go toe to toe with anyone on scripture for exactly this reason. As with anything in life, if you are surrounded by a bunch of people who agree with you and don't challenge you, you stay stupid.

I'll explain why smart Christians support Jews and Israel since you already know why dumb ones do

1) Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you.”

- Not only is this a prophecy of Jesus in the first book of the Bible, but it's also a promise from GOD that He will bless those who bless the Jews and curse those who curse them. For most of use who believe the bible, that's the beginning and end of the matter. God keeps His promises. Every time I see or hear about antisemitism from my ranks, I cringe and don't savor the coals they heap on their own heads.

2) Three short chapters after that in Genesis, God puts Abraham to sleep and makes a covenant with him “To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadie of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates, the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites and Jebusites.”

- God made everything, it's His to give and to those who don't like it, tough tits, once you can overpower God, you can give YOUR creation to Hamas. Israel is called the promised land for a reason. No johnny come lately "religion of peace" gets to undo that anymore than the skinheads who declare "Jews will not replace us"

3) The reason I think those Christians are dumb who want to blow up the dome of the rock is the same reason I think people who predict the day Jesus is coming back are dumb or grifters: the bible EXPLICITLY states that no man knows the day or the hour, EVEN THE ANGELS AND JESUS. So you're telling me Clyde Johnson in Littlerock has the bead on something Jesus doesn't? kindly shut up. The Dome of the Rock will one day be thankfully destroyed and the Temple rebuilt where it should be. but God is going to handle that. We don't have to race to try and fulfil prophecy, God will handle it. It is profound arrogance and pride on the part of Christians to believe we must be the ones to do it. The bible doesn't give us that instruction. it orders us to pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem, not war (Psalm 122)

Those are the two, I believe, sound biblical arguments for supporting Israel and Jews more broadly. That being said, to throw in a bonus, the bible is also clear that Gentiles are grafted onto the tree of life along side the Jews, in no way is that implied to mean we replace the Jews. They are still God's chosen people and He has plenty of promises that ONLY apply to them. We Gentiles simply get to share in redemption. By the way, when I say Gentiles, I simply mean non-Jews.

As for the non- religious reasons for supporting Israel. They are legion.

1) Self Defense. As you two have stated I think, we on the right are downright HORNY for the rights of self defense. I myself am what is classified in the US as a "super owner". Do hanker for the chance to use my guns? Absolutely not. Would I use them with prejudice and without compassion were me or my family threatened? No question. I don't know why globally, it seems like self defense is a principle that largely only "the right" seems to not only believe, but vocally support. Even when the subject comes up on your show, there is typically some throat clearing or "but" thrown in to try and lower the level of moral superiority that those defending themselves have in that situation. I am pretty black and white that if someone is attacked, they have carte blanche within whatever applicable laws there are to erase the other person from existence.

2) The right is much more clear about who our friends and enemies are. The left claims it wants to try and love the hate out of every dictator and horrible regime on the planet. But the opinion from the right is that the left wants to take morally and economically bankrupt ideologies and try to wash the blood and gore off them to redeem them, such as Marxism, not understanding that those ideologies are the wellspring of most of the atrocities we see occurring. If that means tearing down posters of missing babies so you don't have to confront just how evil the allies you have chosen are? Better tear them down.

3) Israel itself is also the only outpost for actual liberty in the region. They are surrounded on all sides by hot, shitty countries who spend their money on rockets instead of infrastructure which would give them AC and make them less pissy by default. it's EASY for me to ally with Israel. Likewise, it's ALSO easy for me to default to antagonism with most of the surrounding countries for the same reason I loathe China and Russia: the people have little self determination in their lives when compared to people who live in more democratic societies.

4) There is the added reason that Jews have also been much more friendly to the US than Muslims. If I am forced to pick a side, and Muslims seem all to willing to impose that decision me, what with their open and joyful striving for real genocide, I'm going to pick the side that DOESN'T take 9 month old hostages. No Jews are taking hostage 9 month of Muslims in the name of Israel. The left and the world more broadly seem to celebrate that as "freedom fighting."

I have no patience for bad actors. I am on the right, after all, and believe that being the world police is the unasked for responsibility that comes with being THE global superpower. We either intervene and attempt to increase individual liberty, or we allow China to continue enslaving countries through their belt and road initiative, or allow organizations like Hamas to "govern" their citizens and literally call them "a nation of martyrs". what kind of a ghoul supports an alleged government who says stuff like that? I see way more of them in the democratic party than i do in the gop, and I think we're more hardcore about calling out the REAL antisemites and not just the skinhead larpers. I think they are equally as repugnant, but one is CLEARLY a bigger threat to peace than the other.

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I for one am shocked that the woman that makes a lucrative living off of saying whatever she wants about white people would also decide that she could also say whatever she wants about Jews.

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Hi Jesse,

I would like to critique your reference to Zionist with evangelical leanings. As a fellow pervert for nuance, I believe boiling all evangelical reasons for Zionism to eschatological underpinnings is misleading. I think the majority of Evangelicals who could be called Zionists could be more accurately described as believing that the Old Testament blessings of God still apply to Israel and Jews today. I won't accuse you of Christophobia, but this sort of treatment of Islam would definitely be seen that way. This editorial at The Dispatch has a lot more history and explanation: https://thedispatch.com/article/pray-for-the-peace-of-jerusalem/

As one commenter in the above piece notes, your description is more of the caricature of the evangelical than the actual evangelical position on Israel.

Your Hispanic cousin,


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Don’t let Google fool you they give preference to certain websites by tagging them as credible source. They’ve been doing this since 2015 or so. For example, Dr. Martin Luther King there is many racist websites but those are demoted or not indexed. How do you think kiwi Farms doesn’t appear at all in Google?

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Zionism is a poorly used and much abused term. Zionism is the movement for/belief in self determination for the Jewish People. Originally, Zionists were more agnostic about the location. Palestine of course has deep connections to Jewish history, had a growing population of Jews from Europe settling in the late 19th/early 20th century, and in 1917, the British “Balfour Declaration” established the idea of Palestine as a Jewish homeland to be British policy. In the aftermath of the First World War, the former Ottoman territory become a British territory under a League of Nations mandate. National self-determination is the underpinning for most sovereign states, and a traditional liberal value. Pre-1948, one could, and many did, have questions about the recognition of the Jewish state, and it’s location.

Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, came to the conclusion that Jews had no future in Europe during the Dreyfus Affair. Albert Dreyfus was a French officer of Jewish descent who was railroaded for treason in the closing days of the 19th century. A series of trials and terrible imprisonment followed. He would untimely be exonerated in the 1910s and serve France in the First World War.The actual traitor got off with a slap on the wrist and died in the UK. Herzl saw this happening in France - which he had previously seen as the best place for Jews in Europe- and concluded Jews had no future in Europe.

The language of “anti-Zionism” was an interesting success of Soviet Propaganda. While the Soviets originally saw Israel as a potential ally, especially as many of its founders grew up in and around secular, left wing socialist/communist movements in Eastern Europe. When it was clear that Israeli was becoming an American Ally, the Soviets increasingly aligned with anti-Israel groups, such as the PLO, which were secular and Marxist-Leninist. Islamism as an ideology didn’t become a political force until the 70s. The collapse of the USSR led many groups to jettison a lot of the Marxism and seek other backers.

I had a professor who was Israeli; hardly a Likud support. His point was that if you reject national self determination as the basis for a state, like because you are an anarchist, it’s not anti-Semitic to oppose Zionism. But if you oppose national self determination only for the Jews, how is that not anti-Semitic?

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Re pronouns: just because I refer to my neighbor as my Catholic neighbor doesn't imply that I agree that the Pope is the head of the Christian church. Which is to say, I don't need to refer to him as a Roman catholic or a papist or whatever.

Using people's preferred identifiers in a pluralistic society isn't a denial of reality, it's just civility, imo.

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The Andrea James story is wild - I always wondered when someone would weaponize SEO, and by God this person did it... All those Google shenanigans are doable with an elementary knowledge of SEO, and I'm guessing James used the Transphobia Project money to hire some consultant and get some keyword juice on the names of people she dislikes.

I've always wondered why more people don't do this to politicians etc., and apparently they can only muster the energy to harass journalists and medical professionals 😑

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It's libel to publicly write that someone sodomizes their kids; it's clearly an accusation of crime, not just an opinion. It's also debatable whether Bailey qualified as a public figure back then, and complainants in libel suits are more likely to prevail if they aren't considered public figures. Why didn't Bailey and/or Dreger sue this guy or get restraining orders against him? Dreger in particular would have grounds to file a restraining order because James showed up at her place of employment to leave threatening notes. I'm not trying to argue in favor of the site being taken down; quite the opposite, I think it should stay up as proof of how unhinged and fanatical James is. However, the bits that actually meet the requirement for libel are fair game for litigation.

Also, James lost his right to be called "she" when he called a little girl "cock starved." I know that the position of the pod is to not "be a dick" to trans people when it comes to their pronouns, but I'd argue that it's way more dickish to say sexually charged things about children in public spaces. If someone can't hold himself to even the most basic standards of public decency, then they don't reserve the right to compel "validating" speech from others.

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I beg to differ with Jesse's statement that there's nothing inherently wrong with "anti-Zionism." Really? What other worldwide movement has ever existed that was dedicated to denying a particular group of people the right to nationhood? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? No, there's not, because anti-Zionism is simply a more socially acceptable form of anti-Semitism.

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Seeing Jesse's yearbook page has really shaken up how I think of him. I always assumed that he was one of those guys whose penmanship, like my own, is an illegible scrawl.

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