Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
Episode 179: Nazi Hunters, Furry Edition

Episode 179: Nazi Hunters, Furry Edition

Plus, the vindication(???) of Jamie Reed.
Scenes from Huntingon Beach

This week on Blocked and Reported, Jesse and Katie discuss a new article in the New York Times investigating the allegations of malpractice at a St. Louis gender clinic that were made publicy by whistleblower Jamie Reed. Plus, a furry fight in Southern California.

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The Free Press and FIRE Present Clash of the Female Titans

NYT: How a Small Gender Clinic Landed in a Political Storm

Premium: Hormones, Headlines, and ChatGPT

Episode 162: We Challengeth The Honor Of Ed Yong And The Transgender Center

Premium: Catching Up On The Rebekah Jones And Jamie Reed Controversies

Episode 155: Hannah Barnes On The Collapse Of One Of The Most Important Youth Gender Clinics In The World

Jesse: “A Response To Zack Ford’s Dishonest ThinkProgress Article, ‘Atlantic cover story is a loud dog whistle for anti-transgender parents’”

OutKick: “Furry Fight: Chaos Erupts At California Beach ‘Furmeet’ As Pirate Furry Drills ‘Chud’ With Megaphone”

TMZ: “Man Attacked By Furry At Huntington Beach Meetup, Wild Video Shows”

NY Post: “Furious furries fight back after busting man filming them on beach”

Daily Mail: “Bizarre moment man is attacked by FURRY after he’s caught filming fetish group in Huntington Beach

Dogpatch Press: “Furry beach-off: The truth about a fight with a megaphone at a California meet”

Episode 90: KEXP Promotes An Anti-Semitic Group (For Social Justice), Exploring The World Of Conservative Furries, And A New College We Weren't Invited To Teach At

Blocked and Reported
Blocked and Reported
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