Sitemap - 2023 - Blocked and Reported

Wednesday Open Thread, 12/27/2023

Episode 196: The Annual Blocked and Reported Christmas Special with Helen Lewis

Wednesday Open Thread, 12/20/2023

Premium: The Bombing of Goodreads Harbor


Episode 195: A Morbid Tale Involving Bari Weiss, Destiny, The IDF, And A Very Angry Squirrel

Premium: How The Allies Took Berlin

Wednesday Open Thread, 12/13/2023

Episode 194 UPDATE

Episode 194: What Do We Want? Genocide! When Do We Want It? Now!

Premium: Prep School Revolutionary

Wednesday Open Thread, 12/6/2023

Episode 193: NaNoWriMo's Diaper-Lover Dumpster Fire

Premium: Paddy Cosgrave Will Not Relent Until He Will

Wednesday Open Thread, 11/29/2023

Episode 192: Andrea James's Stalking Website Transgender Map Sure Is Creepy

Wednesday Open Thread, 11/22/2023

Episode 191: A Man in a Dress in a Pile-On

Wednesday Open Thread, 11/15/2023

Premium: Animal Attraction

Episode 190: Saint Buffy Loses Her Wings

Premium: A Cross-Dressing Mayor, A Deranged Professor, Hunger-Striking Students, And Jesse's Best Story Ever

Wednesday Open Thread, 11/8/2023

Episode 189: Everyone Is Greenpoint-ing Fingers About Anti-Semitism And Street Crime

Weekly Open Thread, 11/1/2023

Episode 188: The House Of Saud Meets The House Of Sonic

Premium: Cancel Culture Isn't Real, But Also Everyone Is Getting Cancelled For Not Supporting Israel Enough

Wednesday Open Thread, 10/25/2023


Episode 187: Oh Good, The Explosion Understanders Have Logged On

Wednesday Open Thread, 10/18/2023

BARPod Is Having A New York City Primo-Party In Early December

Episode 186: Our Most Controversial Take Yet: Hamas Is Bad

Premium: Abolish The Seasoning Police

Wednesday Open Thread, 10/11/2023

Episode 185: Does the Decline of Ibram X. Kendi Mark the End of the Racial Reckoning?

Premium: This is What a Modern Day Knit-Hunt Looks Like

Wednesday Open Thread, 10/4/2023

Episode 184: Oh God, No, Not This Again, Please Make It Stop

Premium: An Introduction to Cripplepunk, Which Is Totally Different From And Exactly The Same As Every Other Online Social Justice Community

Wednesday Open Thread, 9/27/2023

Episode 183: American Bully X

Wednesday Open Thread, 9/20/2023

Episode 182: Gays Against Gays Against Groomers

Actually Let's Use Democracy To Figure Out This Early Episodes Thing

Premium: Miss Snuffy vs the Shadow Minister

Wednesday Open Thread, 9/13/2023

Episode 181: Jesse Calls Into "The Majority Report" And It Goes Really Really Really Really Really Well

Premium: Rochester's Hottest, Most Racist Juneteenth Party

Wednesday Open Thread, 9/6/2023

When “Punch a Nazi” Goes Wrong

Episode 180: Quiet in the Stacks

Wednesday Open Thread, 8/30/2023

Episode 179: Nazi Hunters, Furry Edition

Premium: The Looting of Lankelly Chase

Wednesday Open Thread, 8/23/2023

Episode 178: If You’re Not A Fan Of New College of Florida Baseball, Unfollow Us Now

Wednesday Open Thread, 8/16/2023

Premium: The Huffington Post Roasts Hoste

Episode 177: The Milkshake Ducking of Wiggle Fox

Quick Programming Note

Wednesday Open Thread, 8/9/2023


Episode 176: Robin DiAngelo, Revisited

Wednesday Open Thread, 8/2/2023

Premium: But Really, What IS a Woman?

Episode 175: Is Florida About To Teach Kids That Slavery Was Cool?

Wednesday Open Thread, 7/26/2023

Premium: Rebekah Jones And Josh Fox Are A Match Made In Heaven

Episode 174: Update from TERF Island

Wednesday Open Thread, 7/19/2023

Premium: Jonah Hill, White People, Elon Musk, Elon Musk's Competitors, Poop, Hate Crimes, And More

Episode 173: A Scandal at Vice (with Mitchell Jackson)

Wednesday Open Thread, 7/12/2023

Episode 172: The Crass-Examination Of Jad Sleiman

Premium: NPR Decides Asians Americans Against Affirmative Action Are Dupes

Wednesday Open Thread, 7/5/2023

Episode 171: Streaming on Thin Ice

Premium: VTuber Hentai? Oh My!

Wednesday Open Thread, 6/28/2023

Upcoming Potential BARPod/Singal-Minded Meetups: London July 8th, Berlin July 14th

Episode 170: Mueller, She Lied

Premium: An Intersectional Pile-Up in Michigan

Wednesday Open Thread, 6/21/2023

Episode 169: The Pinkest Peacock

Wednesday Open Thread, 6/14/2023

Episode 168: Just the Tip of the Circumcision Debate

Premium: The Pride Episode

Wednesday Open Thread, 6/7/2023

Episode 167: A Robber, a Shoplifter, and a Thief Walk Into a Leggings Store

Wednesday Open Thread, 5/31/2023

Primo: Ask Us Anything

Episode 166: Remember the Karens

Wednesday Open Thread, 5/24/2023

Call for Questions

Premium: Pedophiles Vs. Roblox Vs. Ruben Sim Vs. Furries

Wednesday Open Thread, 5/17/2023

Episode 165: A Can't-Look-Away Nightmare Involving A Sci-Fi Writer, A Maybe-Formerly-Racist Cybersecurity Expert, And, Somehow, A Cabal Of Online "Opie And Anthony" Fundamentalists (Part 2)

Episode 164: A Can't-Look-Away Nightmare Involving A Sci-Fi Writer, A Maybe-Formerly-Racist Cybersecurity Expert, And, Somehow, A Cabal Of Online "Opie And Anthony" Fundamentalists (Part 1)

Wednesday Open Thread, 5/10/2023

Premium: Laundering Liz's Laundry

Episode 163: The Fox and the Clown

Wednesday Open Thread, 5/3/2023

Premium: Tuck(er) (Not) Everlasting

Episode 162: We Challengeth The Honor Of Ed Yong And The Transgender Center

Wednesday Open Thread, 4/26/2023

Episode 161: Detective Herzog And The Millionaire Kitty Cartel

Wednesday Open Thread, 4/19/2023

Episode 160: Katie Comes Out Of The Closet (As A Dylan Mulvaney Fan)

Wednesday Open Thread, 4/12/2023

Premium: Catching Up On The Rebekah Jones And Jamie Reed Controversies

Episode 159: How The Unitarian Universalist Church Melted Down

Let's Talk About Aja Romano, Chris Avellone's Accusers, And Other Dishonest Actors

Wednesday Open Thread, 4/5/2023

Episode 158: U MADIA, BRO?

Wednesday Open Thread, 3/29/2023

Premium: The Dress So Offensive Nobody Should Ever Make It (Seriously Guys Please Don't Make It)


Wednesday Open Thread, 3/22/2022

Okay, Let's Put It To A Vote

Episode 156: Hey Jude (Doyle) (Shupe, Shupe-ba-doop Remix)

Weekly Open Thread, 3/15/2023

Premium: Jesse Is Super For Real Going To Jail This Time

Episode 155: Hannah Barnes On The Collapse Of One Of The Most Important Youth Gender Clinics In The World

Weekly Open Thread, 3/8/2023

Episode 154: Saddles And Sadness 🐎😭

Premium: Can We Still Trust The Media?

Weekly Open Thread, 3/1/2023

Premium: We Refuse to Be Replaced by AI. Give Us Back Our Jobs and We Give You Back the Podcast.

BARPod Personals Are Back

Episode 153: Times Wars, Episode IX: The Normies Strike Back

Wednesday Open Thread, 2/22/2023

Premium: The Day Kale Got Roasted

Possible Listener/Reader Meetup Thursday, February 23rd In Los Angeles

Episode 152: As Thinkers, We'd Like Journalists To Stop Being Cowardly Lemmings

Wednesday Open Thread, 2/15/2023

Episode 151: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Online Harassment For A Virtuous Cause

Premium: Hormones, Headlines, and ChatGPT: Unpacking the Controversy Surrounding the Trans Kids Study

The BARPod/Singal-Minded Party Is On For Wednesday, February 15 In San Francisco

Wednesday Open Thread, 2/8/2023

Semi-Emergency San Francisco Party Update

Episode 150: Katie Harbors A Pedophile, Gawker Dies Again, And Eliza Bleu's Big Lie

Wednesday Open Thread, 2/1/2023

Premium: If The Daily Wire Loves Freedom So Much, Why Did It Try To Literally Enslave Steven Crowder?

In Defense of the New College Takeover

Episode 149: The NYT Restarts Trans Kids Discourse And A Dimes Square Movie Gets Canceled For Transphobia And Matt Gaetz Is G**

Weekly Open Thread, 1/25/2023

Episode 148: Chris Rufo Takes Over New College Of Florida, Plus Adventures In Genealogy

Wednesday Open Thread, 1/18/2023

Episode 147: Scientists Unite Against Gas Stoves, Football, And The State Of Florida

If You're In The Bay Area And Are Interested In Potentially Coming To A Party For Paid Subscribers Next Month, Read On

Premium: The Reading Wars

Wednesday Open Thread, 1/11/2023

Episode 146: >TFW Your Family Makes You Fake Your Own Death

Wednesday Open Thread, 1/4/2023

Premium: We Judge Thunberg v. Tate And TikTok Psychics v. The Idaho Quadruple Murders