Sitemap - 2023 - Blocked and Reported

Wednesday Open Thread, 3/22/2022

Okay, Let's Put It To A Vote

Episode 156: Hey Jude (Doyle) (Shupe, Shupe-ba-doop Remix)

Weekly Open Thread, 3/15/2023

Premium: Jesse Is Super For Real Going To Jail This Time

Episode 155: Hannah Barnes On The Collapse Of One Of The Most Important Youth Gender Clinics In The World

Weekly Open Thread, 3/8/2023

Episode 154: Saddles And Sadness 🐎😭

Premium: Can We Still Trust The Media?

Weekly Open Thread, 3/1/2023

Premium: We Refuse to Be Replaced by AI. Give Us Back Our Jobs and We Give You Back the Podcast.

BARPod Personals Are Back

Episode 153: Times Wars, Episode IX: The Normies Strike Back

Wednesday Open Thread, 2/22/2023

Premium: The Day Kale Got Roasted

Possible Listener/Reader Meetup Thursday, February 23rd In Los Angeles

Episode 152: As Thinkers, We'd Like Journalists To Stop Being Cowardly Lemmings

Wednesday Open Thread, 2/15/2023

Episode 151: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Online Harassment For A Virtuous Cause

Premium: Hormones, Headlines, and ChatGPT: Unpacking the Controversy Surrounding the Trans Kids Study

The BARPod/Singal-Minded Party Is On For Wednesday, February 15 In San Francisco

Wednesday Open Thread, 2/8/2023

Semi-Emergency San Francisco Party Update

Episode 150: Katie Harbors A Pedophile, Gawker Dies Again, And Eliza Bleu's Big Lie

Wednesday Open Thread, 2/1/2023

Premium: If The Daily Wire Loves Freedom So Much, Why Did It Try To Literally Enslave Steven Crowder?

In Defense of the New College Takeover

Episode 149: The NYT Restarts Trans Kids Discourse And A Dimes Square Movie Gets Canceled For Transphobia And Matt Gaetz Is G**

Weekly Open Thread, 1/25/2023

Episode 148: Chris Rufo Takes Over New College Of Florida, Plus Adventures In Genealogy

Wednesday Open Thread, 1/18/2023

Episode 147: Scientists Unite Against Gas Stoves, Football, And The State Of Florida

If You're In The Bay Area And Are Interested In Potentially Coming To A Party For Paid Subscribers Next Month, Read On

Premium: The Reading Wars

Wednesday Open Thread, 1/11/2023

Episode 146: >TFW Your Family Makes You Fake Your Own Death

Wednesday Open Thread, 1/4/2023

Premium: We Judge Thunberg v. Tate And TikTok Psychics v. The Idaho Quadruple Murders